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Environmental policy

Charltons is fully committed to minimize the environmental impact of our workplace. We have developed progressive policies and goals in order to reduce our environmental footprint and to achieve increasingly exacting environmental goals. To execute our policies, we have established a “green manager” and encourage all employees to contribute with ideas and actions, both big and small, in order to meet our goals.

Charltons recognizes the serious challenges facing the global ecosystem and that of Hong Kong in particular and we embrace our responsibility to create an environmentally sustainable future for Hong Kong. With its small geographic size and large population, conservation of resources and minimization of waste are essential to ensure that Hong Kong is able to meet the needs of tomorrow’s residents and businesses. We are dedicated to innovating and implementing solutions that encourage waste reduction, recycling, conservation and sustainability in our workplace.



Green manager

Environmental policy

Environmentally sustainable future

Environmentally sustainable future for Hong Kong

Hong Kong law firm environmental policy

Green manager to reduce environmental footprint

Minimize the environmental impact of our workplace

Serious challenges facing global ecosystem

Waste reduction, recycling, conservation and sustainability

Conservation of resources and minimization of waste are essential in Hong Kong

List of sustainable development goals
Environmentally sustainable practices

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