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Work life balance

Charltons wants our people to achieve a work-life balance between their professional and personal lives.

Expectations vary as to what constitutes an ideal work-life balance. Individuals have different goals, values and definitions of success. We expect our people to be possessed of a high level of intellectual ability, to be hard-working, ambitious, determined, to possess a willingness to learn and a desire to enhance their individual skill sets.

As a boutique corporate finance law firm advising multinational clients we operate in a highly competitive environment. Our work is at times demanding, requiring creativity as well as critical analysis. We frequently work on transactions across time zones, which may on occasions involve working late into the night.

We endeavour to meet the pressures and challenges with enthusiasm and flexibility. We have found that a focus on work-life balance boosts efficiency. Our reputation is based largely on the quality of our work, which owes much to our people’s focus and motivation.

We encourage life-long learning and the pursuit of continuing education. We regularly organise Continuing Professional Development courses with other law firms and with professionals from other disciplines. Our lawyers are active in professional, business and charitable associations.

We encourage constant in-office discussion and interaction. We operate an “open-door” policy believing that effective communication is crucial to every successful legal practice.

We are flexible regarding working arrangements for employees with young families. Charltons was recognised at the 2012 and 2013 Euromoney Legal Media Group’s Asia Women in Business Law Awards as having such arrangements to help women advance in the legal profession. Approximately half of Charltons’ associates are women.



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Work-life balance boosts efficiency

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Life-long learning and the pursuit of continuing education

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